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Hey folks – welcome back!! (more for my benefit than yours…)

Sorry about the extended absence…life, placement and other work have taken over my life the past few months. Things have settled down now, so time for an update for you folks!

  • I passed my year 1 OSCE’s – trauma, medical, ILS and shock-non shock – and got some dang good feedback!
  • I passed all of my assignments that have been handed in – LVF and reflections
  • Handed in my placement folder…
  • …so all that’s left is to get placement hours by end of July, and I’VE PASSED FIRST YEAR!

So yeah, I’m back on track, back to being here, and also making some damn good changes in my own life – hopefully more news on that soon-ish.



Posted: February 18, 2011 in Personal, University
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Hey folks! Thanks for stopping by!!

So…this is what having a blog feels like…sort of a lot of responsibility! Anyway – as it says up above, I’m a first aider with St John Ambulance, and currently a healthcare assistant in the NHS, but as of September I will be a student paramedic! WOOOO!!

Anyway, more will follow, so stay tuned!