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So at university, apparently you have these things called lectures – who knew?!

For 9 weeks, from September til… (checks calendar) November, we had all sorts of lectures, some of which were useful, some…not so much! For those of you reading this who are on the course with me – you know who you are, and you know which lectures I mean!

We then had the wonders of OSCE’s… If you haven’t done any sort of medical training, you’ll have been spared the nightmare of OSCE’s, or Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (basically, practical exams), but they are either skill based or scenario based, and apparently videoed, and we had to prove that we could inject a plastic buttock with water, do a manual blood pressure (which I have yet to see done ‘on the road’), do a basic set of observations, stab someone’s finger to do a blood glucose test (didn’t actually stab a finger, just talked it through), demonstrate how to manage an airway, and show that we can lift things… Oh joy. Luckily for me, and unluckily for my future patients, I passed! Though more on them later…

Oh, and during all this – the wonders of assignments and essays. All of which, I am pleased to say, I have passed (though still waiting for the marks for one last essay I submitted just before Christmas…so maybe not).

And then out on placement, being driven very fast, powersliding round roundabouts at 2 in the morning, going about 90mph or so. Muchly fun, and highly recommended – for those who have blue lights on their cars! Hopefully I’ll be doing my emergency driving course in the summer and so will be let loose on blue lights in September time…watch out!