Hey folks of the wide wonderful interwebs!

So I suddenly realised it had been AGES since I had updated this…so I thought I’d make a start by letting you know what you can expect over the next few weeks:

  • A mini-series (I hope!) on applying for and being a student paramedic!
  • Some fun stories on my first semester of lectures
  • Some interesting, some sad, and some downright bizarre stories on jobs I’ve been to on placement
  • And some other random happy stuff

In the meantime, I would like to draw your attention to a few interesting YouTube videos, on the benefits of hands-only CPR – I’ll be talking about this in more detail later this week, but have a watch, and please let me know what you think.

The British version:

And the American version:

Oh, and if you’re on Twitter – please follow me…you get inane ramblings from me when I’m in lectures or on placement, and random retweets, mostly health related! I try to keep everything roughly on subject…

So a while ago, I talked about a few of the things that annoy me – believe me, that was just a small toe dipped into the great ocean of things that annoy me, but that can wait for another time.

However, I did mention about both eating your five fruit and veg a day, and also about people who complain about not losing weight, but yet have made no changes to either their diet or their exercise regime. This came about from a discussion I was having with my brother quite a while ago, about some of the people who worked at his office. We came up with a fantastic diet plan, known as the Eat Less, Move More Plan – two easy steps. First, you eat less. Second, you move more. Simples. Or to expand ever so slightly, if you eat less than you currently eat, but are exercising more, you are going to burn more calories than you are eating – thus, the weight is lost. There are other minor details, but I believe that should work for most people.

The other thing about healthy eating that really gets to me is when I’m standing in line for the checkout at a well-known mainstream supermarket (*cough* Tescos *cough*), and I look around me and see the amount of pre-processed, pre-packaged, artificial food that people are piling into their trolleys. Particularly when I strive to have a nice healthy trolley, full of lots of fruit and vegetables, and lots of stuff that isn’t processed, that isn’t artificial, and isn’t stuffed full of salt, sugar, artificial sweeteners or other chemicals. Now, I have no problem whatsoever with the occasional guilty treat, but it should be just that – occasional. What is even more annoying is that my trolley load of, as I put it, healthy crap, will cost about twice as much as the trolley load of processed s**t, but will go out of date sooner, or go bad sooner. Even so, I still don’t have much of a problem with other mature, informed adults pumping that stuff into their body. Where I have the problem is when I see parents with children, and they have a trolley load of pre-processed stuff – so much for teaching your kids to eat healthy eh? And you can see the effect it is having on children – they are already obese due to an overload of sweets and junk food, and not enough fresh air and exercise. Do people not realise the harm that their bad habits are having on their children??

Ah well, their choice. Me, I’ll choose to eat healthily, even it costs slightly more, if it means I get to live a bit longer and without any major diseases, thank you very much. And I’ll also keep exercising like mad, mainly because I enjoy it, slightly because I want to look, but also so I’m going to be able to run around for ages like a mad maniac with my kids (whenever they happen to come along).

So, someone I follow on Twitter, and whose blog I can highly recommend, posted a while back about a Radio 1 Newsbeat article suggesting that nightclubs should have paramedics “in-house”. Read the original article here.

Now, I agree with this in principle, but in practice, the ambulance services in the UK are struggling to find enough paramedics as it is, and really, what paramedic is going to want to give up their time to be treated like crap by drunk punters in a loud and noisy nightclub, potentially for quite a bit less than they could earn by doing an overtime shift? I do, however, agree with schemes such as the SOS Bus Project in Norwich. This is a fantastic scheme that provides a central assistance and first aid service, voluntarily, in Norwich city centres on busy nights. Having had a quick flicky through their website, their initial funding information makes interesting reading. The number of different private and local public organisations that donated money to set up the project is fantastic. This ties in with a comment on the original blog post – that football clubs have to contribute to policing costs…so why shouldn’t nightclubs contribute to both police and medical costs??

As a final note, I’d like to draw your attention to a fantastic organisation – BASICS. Check out their website, and check out the website of an amazing BASICS doc!

Things that annoy me…

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You know what – there are LOTS of things that annoy me, but these are just a few…

  • People who either don’t pull over for emergency vehicles, or worse, the people who decide to pull out and follow the ambulance or whatever past all the rest of the pulled in cars.
  • People who claim that “eating healthily is hard” or that “it’s too expensive”. WHAT. A. LOAD. OF. CRAP. This article shows that eating your five fruit and veg can come to less than 50p (yeah, I know it’s the Mirror, but hey…ooh, hang on, better article – oh wait, it’s the Daily Fail…tits.)
  • People who whine about how much they hate their job, or how much they want to do this or that other job – just suck it up, apply and get the hell out of the job you don’t want to do. It’s what I did, and yeah, it can be hard, but surely having a decent work life so you enjoy the rest of your time is better?
  • People who complain that they’re trying to lose weight but it’s not working…it’s not hard – you eat less, and move more (I should really market this as a diet plan…stay tuned!)
And I’m sure there’s more, so the list will get longer as I think about them…

Is it just me, or is our damn stupid British weather changing a lot more frequently? One moment, bright sunshine and the next, lashing rain…

We must be the only country in the world that suffers from a weather system with Attention Deficit Disorder… (credit must go to the Now Show on BBC Radio 4 for that one!)

Ok, so I’m blatantly nicking an idea from another blog I follow religiously, here (so Kal, please don’t kill me!), but I have days off at random times during the week at the moment due to being on a 24/7 rota, and so need things to fill my time. I already kill myself at the gym trying to get fit, slim, and toned (I wish…), but I also love my photography!

So in that vein, I want your ideas of things you want me to take photos off around Nottingham – anything novel, strange, interesting, or anything at all – surprise me, let me know, and challenge me! Let me know your ideas in the comments section!

Guys (and gals) – check out this bunch…they are a pair of doctors, who met at medical school and started recording parody songs, check out some of them below!  Read the rest of this entry »

Help needed

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I need some help – can anyone explain all the parts of the UK Mental Health Act to me please? Work is driving me crazy with it all…

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

So, yeah, I’m counting down the weeks now – 10 and a half weeks to go until I start my course at Sheffield Hallam…

We had a pre course day at university yesterday, with lots of photocopying, ID checking, qualification checking, and getting drained of blood. All routing stuff for health students apparently…  Was really good to meet coursemates though, and see the spread of people we’re going to have on the course. There’s way more girls than guys, but that doesn’t surprise me. Neither does the age spread really, but interesting to see – there’s a few school leavers at 18 (aww, little babies), a few roughly my age (mid-20’s-ish), a few slightly older, and then a few middle aged people. Should be good though with a spread of skills, life experience, and clinical experience…

Next Tuesday, we’ve got another day where we get to meet our course tutors, get a provisional timetable, and meet our Ambulance Service people who we’re going to be on placement with.  Yes, I am ridiculously excited!!

You know, I’ve been thinking recently what I’m getting myself into – doesn’t help that I’m essentially counting down the weeks until I start because I am so excited about it, and that what I’m doing for a job at the moment is driving me nuts! I am excited to start, I really am, but I’m also nervous and scared. Having spoken to a few people recently, the consensus is that it’s a job that very few people want to do… Now, I thought it was pretty standard – it’s a job, something that I think I’d enjoy, but now it’s making me a bit apprehensive.

And yeah, I’m counting down the weeks – 13 and a half weeks until I start by the way! But that doesn’t make it any easier. I know I worry a fair bit about things – I kinda tend to over-analyse things, plan too far in the future, and worry – people know this about me. But I’m going to be caring for people, looking after people, potentially have someone’s life in my hand – and that scares me ***less!! So does the thought of doing things like cannulating, in fact anything where I have to stick something into someone!

Meh, just needed to get that out – I like having this blog to write stuff like this, and I hope it’ll help!