About Me

Hey! So you want to know more about me? Ok, let’s give this a shot…

I am currently a student paramedic somewhere in the UK, on a 2 year course, hopefully graduating and qualifying in 2013!

I am a completely mental, hopefully happy (most of the time), adrenaline junkie, loving life and ecstatic that I get to fulfill my life dream of being a paramedic, at long last! Keep coming back to stay up to date with what’s going on – you’ll get:

  • Fun stories from uni and placement
  • Random stories and links from my trawling on t’internet
  • Anything else that interests me, or you lot mention…
  • I’ll also be writing about the application process, hopefully helping out people who want to apply to train as a paramedic!

Check out the random comments category for crazy things I’ve been told or have heard in lectures, and also follow me on Twitter – NeeNawMedic! Any comments, either post them, or email me neenawmedic@gmail.com!

Ta muchly!!

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